According to the IRCC media release, foreign nationals who are on visitor visa status have until August 31, 2021, to apply for and obtain a work permit without the need to leave Canada. This temporary public policy, introduced on August 24, 2020, also changes criteria to allow visitors holding a valid job offer, regardless of when they first entered Canada, to apply for the employer-specific work permit.



If you are in Canada on visitor visa status, you can gain from this temporary public policy if you:       

  • Hold a valid job offer letter
  • Are in Canada and have a valid status
  • Have a valid visitor’s status on the day you submit your application
  • Apply for an employer-specific work permit within Canada, with an LMIA or LMIA-exempt offer from the employer
  • Meet admissibility criteria in Canada


The goal of this temporary policy is to help employers in Canada who continue to experience hardships in finding workers. Additionally, this also allows temporary residents who want to help Canada recover from the pandemic through their labour and skills.

What if you meet these criteria and have a valid work permit in the previous 12 months? You can likewise benefit from this temporary public policy. You can start working for your new employer before getting approval for your work permit application. But before you do so, you must get the authorization to work while waiting for the approved work permit. To do this, contact the IRCC online and wait for them to contact you. 

When the IRCC introduced this public policy in August last year, over 1,000 individuals with visitor status applied. If you are eligible to apply for a work permit within Canada and need more information or assistance, you may contact Sure Immigration or email us at