Have you decided to study in Canada yet also want to gain extra income by working while studying? Then, you’re in luck, as everything you need to know about working in Canada as an international student is here.


Know the rules for international students working in Canada.

International students can work in Canada during their studies and for a particular time after graduation. However, you must meet the on- or off-campus work requirements. Therefore, it’s important to know everything before applying for any job.


Research job opportunities in your field.

As part of your plan to gain work experience in Canada, it’s best to research and assess the job opportunities available for international students. Look into the roles that best suit your particular skillset, knowing how many hours you can work to maximize your potential. In addition, build your network because it is an essential step for finding job openings, especially when some positions aren’t publicly posted.


Make the most of student job fairs.

Check out student job fairs hosted by your school and local employment agencies for potential job opportunities. You can start building your network with employers here, allowing you to make an excellent first impression through professional communication and insightful questions. This will also help you understand the workplace culture, which you should consider before accepting any offers.


Connect with your community through volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to connect to your new community and build valuable job skills. Many non-profit organizations actively seek students and volunteers with diverse knowledge and skill sets, making it the perfect opportunity for international students to supplement their education. In addition, you can learn things outside of the classroom and develop a network of connections that could open up more excellent opportunities in the future.


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