What is the International Mobility Program?

The International Mobility Program (IMP) is a Canadian government initiative that facilitates the entry of foreign workers into Canada for temporary work purposes. The program is designed to help Canadian employers fill labour shortages and support economic growth while allowing foreign workers to gain valuable work experience in Canada.


How can it help my business?

The International Mobility Program can benefit Canadian businesses in several ways:

  • Access to global talent: The IMP allows you to access a wider pool of talent from around the world, including specialized skills and experience that may not be available in Canada.
  • Faster hiring process: The IMP provides a quicker and more streamlined hiring process for Canadian employers, allowing them to fill critical positions in their businesses more quickly.
  • Flexibility: The IMP provides a range of work permit options, including open work permits and LMIA-exempt work permits, which offer more flexibility for Canadian employers to hire foreign workers.
  • International business opportunities: The IMP can also help Canadian businesses expand their operations internationally by allowing them to send Canadian employees to work abroad or hire foreign workers to work in their international offices.


What is the process?

The process for participating in the International Mobility Program can vary depending on the type of work permit being applied for and the specific program stream. However, in general, the process for Canadian employers is as follows:

  1. Determine eligibility: Canadian employers must determine if they are eligible to participate in the International Mobility Program and which program stream(s) may be suitable for their needs.
  2. Offer of employment: The Canadian employer must offer a job to a foreign worker who meets the eligibility criteria of the program stream.
  3. Work permit application: The foreign worker must apply for a work permit. Depending on the program stream, the work permit may be exempt from the requirement to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
  4. Work in Canada: Once the work permit is issued, the foreign worker can come to Canada and work for the Canadian employer for a specified period.
  5. Extensions and renewals: If the foreign worker wishes to continue working in Canada beyond the original work permit period, extensions and renewals may be available depending on the program stream.


The International Mobility Program is a Canadian government initiative that provides Canadian employers access to a broader pool of global talent, faster hiring processes, flexibility in work permit options, and international business opportunities. By following the appropriate steps and meeting the requirements of the program stream, Canadian employers can benefit from the program and address labour shortages in their businesses.


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