What is the Atlantic Immigration Program?

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) is a crucial initiative for Canadian businesses in the Atlantic provinces. It addresses specific labour market needs and provides a pathway to attract skilled foreign workers. Businesses can fill critical positions and tackle skill shortages by accessing a diverse talent pool, driving economic growth and innovation. The program fosters collaboration between businesses and immigration authorities, creating a streamlined process for hiring foreign workers and contributing to the region's long-term prosperity.


How can it help my business?

The AIP can benefit Canadian businesses in several ways:

  • Access to skilled foreign workers: The AIP allows Canadian employers in the Atlantic region to access a pool of skilled foreign workers who are pre-screened and approved to work in Canada.
  • Faster hiring process: The AIP provides a quicker and more streamlined hiring process for Canadian employers, allowing them to fill critical business positions more quickly.
  • Address labour shortages: The AIP can help Canadian employers in the Atlantic region address labour shortages by providing a pathway for skilled foreign workers to come to Canada.
  • Retention of international graduates: The AIP provides a pathway for international graduates from Atlantic region post-secondary institutions to stay and work in the region after graduation, allowing Canadian employers to retain top talent.


What is the process?

The process for participating in the Atlantic Immigration Program is as follows:

  1. Become a designated employer: You must first become designated by the AIP to participate in the program.
  2. Offer of employment: You must offer a job to a foreign worker who meets the program's eligibility criteria.
  3. Endorsement: You must endorse the job offer and the foreign worker's application.
  4. Work permit and temporary residence: The foreign worker must apply for a work permit and temporary residence.
  5. Permanent residence: After the foreign worker has worked in the Atlantic region for at least one year and has met the program's language and income requirements, they can apply for permanent residence.


The Atlantic Immigration Program is a partnership between the Canadian federal government and the four Atlantic provinces that provides a pathway for skilled foreign workers and international graduates to come to Canada and work in the Atlantic region. By following the appropriate steps and meeting the program's requirements, Canadian employers in the Atlantic region can benefit from access to a pool of skilled foreign workers, address labour shortages in critical positions, retain top talent, and support economic growth.


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