When immigration comes through with your paperwork, and you are packed and ready to live in your new home country, you want to be as prepared as possible. Here are some ways to build new life into your household with tips on finding your niche within the social life of an immigrant community in Canada.


Start Communicating; Say How You Feel

Sure, you will go through some lonely moments when you first move, so those sad feelings should be expected. However, try not to let them get you down. Talk to those you run into in your daily life and express yourself to them. Let them know how you feel, and you might find someone like you who needs a new friend.


Join Meetups

Meetups are great ways to socialize and meet fellow immigrants from the Canadian immigrant community. Joining is free, and there are always different experiences of signing up to meet and greet people. Hop on some Facebook groups dedicated to immigrants in Canada, or specifically for immigrants in your province or from your country – and start expanding your social circles.


Stay Active

Join a gym or running group to meet new people with similar exercise habits and interests. Aside from the social aspect, staying active has proven health benefits and helps reduce stress and depression associated with moving to a new country.



Volunteering is one of the best ways to become active in a community. Need some motivation to start volunteering? You can read about some of the pros of volunteering in this article.


Start a Course

Learn English or take a part-time course in a subject you’ve always been interested in – that way, you can fulfil a dream while meeting like-minded people.


Visit a Park

While at a local park, mix and mingle! People-watching is a great way to start and learn about your surroundings. You can talk with your neighbour on the bench or a friendly-looking dog walker when you feel comfortable.


Go to the Library

Become a library patron, and you automatically become friends with the library! This is a great place for community engagement. Just make sure you keep your voice down…. Shhhh…


Ask for Help

If you struggle with social anxiety and cannot find new friends, ask for help. Asking your friends and family from back home if they know anyone in your area is a great way to meet people who are not strangers. Other options include attending a church, mental health facility, or other trusted agency and seeing if they can help you connect with the community.


Start a New Hobby

Get into a new craft activity based on the new country or culture. Meeting people is a lot easier this way, AND you get to broaden your horizons!


Hang Out at Cafes

If you are a local, act like it by hanging out at the local coffee shops and cafes. The smaller, independently run shops will be the best for meeting the true blue locals of the community. And what gives a stronger sense of belonging than having the barista remember your name and order?


Play Sports

Grab a soccer ball and get outside! Most of the parks in Canada- both new and old- are great for playing soccer with pals. Check out local Facebook groups or ask your neighbour about local soccer games.


Support Other Immigrants

When you are an immigrant in a country, there is always someone fresher off of the boat than you. Find those newer immigrants around you, maybe in your apartment building or where you work. They have similar interests to your own, and you can easily find common ground in a friendship.


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