Foreign workers and immigration applicants have one specific goal: to get permanent residency and live in Canada with ease. Similarly, you are positive that you can easily immigrate because of your job experience. But can your occupation help you earn a Canada job offer for PR?

Subsequently, Canada has its way of selecting immigrants who will obtain permanent residence or citizenship. Therefore, you must make sure that you are well-informed. One of the criteria is work experience. But does your work experience correspond to one of the occupations in demand in Canada? If yes, you will likely obtain a Canada job offer for PR as the provincial nominee program offers the additional 600 points earned from the provincial nomination. 

The BC Provincial Nominee Program

Interested in immigrating to British Columbia, Canada? First, you must check the occupations in demand for the BC Provincial Nominee Program. The British Columbia Labour Market Outlook 2018 Edition’s List of High Demand Occupations, BC, 2018-2028 divides the high-demand occupations in BC according to requirements:

  • A combination of education and work experience (33 occupations)
  • Bachelor’s, graduate or first professional degree (26 occupations)
  • Diploma, certificate or apprenticeship training (33 occupations)
  • High school and/or occupation-specific training (8 occupations)
  • Priority Health Occupations identified by the BC. Ministry of Health) (13 Occupations)

Subsequently, and more importantly, finding ways to get a job offer is essential.

Obtain a Canada Job Offer for PR Through the BC PNP Tech Pilot 

Additionally, if your occupation is in the technology industry, you are in a better position to get a Canada job offer for PR. The BC PNP Tech Pilot allows the technology sectors to take advantage of the opportunity to apply to the program. For your information, there are 29 eligible occupations under the BC PNP Tech Pilot as of June 26, 2018. Though the BC PNP continuously invites non-tech candidates through its other immigration initiatives, tech sectors can still take advantage of the BC PNP Tech Pilot features:

  • Committed Concierge Service – Relevant immigration information can be accessed here by tech employers
  • Weekly Invitations to Apply – timely access to qualified individuals
  • Priority Processing – Applications are processed within two to three months
  • Focused Outreach Engagement – Sessions and events specially made for the tech sector, including one-on-one employer support


Internationally trained candidates who have the critical skills to support employers in attracting and retaining the most qualified immigration candidates can enjoy expedited immigration pathways. Likewise, another BC Tech Pilot program priority is international students who have completed their education in BC or anywhere in Canada and have critical skills.

The government of British Columbia has its own Skills Immigration Registration System for the BC PNP. Hence, candidates can easily determine if they can obtain an Invitation to Apply.

Can your occupation help you earn a Canada job offer for PR? Find out now. For more information, you may talk to a Canada immigration consultant. While waiting for a schedule of appointments, check the immigration requirements.